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HIP19: Approval Process For Third-Party Manufacturers

The official GitHub Helium

HIP19 third-party manufacturers

Name Date Status
Nebra Ltd 2020-12-10 Approved 2020-12-14 Approved
RAK Wireless 2020-12-29 Approved
EasyLinkin (Bobcat) 2021-01-12 Approved
Kerlink 2021-02-24 Approved
HeNet BV/LongAP 2021-03-16 Approved
Smart Mimic 2021-03-25 Approved
Browan 2021-03-26 In Discussion
Dragino 2021-04-02 In Discussion
ClodPi 2021-04-11 In Discussion
FreedomFi 2021-04-20 In Discussion
The most up to date status of manufacturers in progress can be viewed here


Status key

  • Draft: HIP is in process of being written; author is not yet soliciting feedback from the community at large
  • In Discussion: HIP is under active consideration by the community
  • Approved: HIP has been approved by rough consensus, and pending development and testing
  • Deployed: Code to implement HIP has been merged and deployed to the network
  • Closed: HIP abandoned, rendered obsolete by other changes, or otherwise withdrawn by the author