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Helium 5G is here – the second major wireless network supported by the Helium Blockchain.

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HotSpots are the better way to build wireless IoT infrastructure.

Helium 5G is here –

The second major wireless network supported by the Helium Blockchain.

The People’s Network is coming to a phone near you — to 5G.

helium hnt 5gToday the Helium Network, also known as “The People’s Network”, is live with 28,000+ Hotspots in over 3,800 cities worldwide. There are also another 200,000+ Hotspots on backorder, from a flourishing ecosystem of Hotspot manufacturers, that will soon be deployed. The current Helium Network is well on its way to becoming the largest and fastest-growing global network with a strong forecast for over 600,000 Hotspots in the next 18 months. The best part, the accelerated growth is almost all community-driven around the world. It’s been quite the journey, one that I’m particularly proud of, but today marks the next chapter in what is sure to be an important milestone in the Helium Network: the path to 5G.

Monthly status: 

March 2023

HIP19 Application ReceivedDeWi KYC/BRegulatory Certification Complete5G Hotspot AuditsHardware Audit PassedPre-orders begin
Hummingbird (RUFF) – h1000 5G TRUE  FALSEFALSEFALSE

5G is one of the most important technologies of this decade. It’s a geopolitical issue, an infrastructure arms race. Everyone in the world wants and needs a faster connection to the internet.

So, when Helium 5G Hotspot?

To help put HIP 27 in motion and accelerate the pace of Helium’s 5G rollout, we’re working in different partnership , a connectivity company that manufactures open source 5G devices. FreedomFi today announced the pre-sale waitlist of the inaugural batch of FreedomFi Gateways, a connectivity device that pairs with 5G antennas and is compatible with the Helium Network. These gateways can be thought of as the very first generation of 5G Hotspots.

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