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Sensors Technical Documentation

Hardware Devices


Airqino /Type 1
  • Premium Outdoor Sensor
  • PM2.5, NO2, O3, CO
  • 200x193 mm
  • 900 gr
  • SIM included


Arianna/Type 2
  • Consumer outdoor sensor
  • PM2.5
  • 160x160x250 mm
  • 1300 gr
  • Wifi


Indoor . /Type 3
  • -
  • PM2.5, CO2, VOC
  • -
  • -
  • -


Atmotube PROType 4
  • wearable sensor
  • PMs and VOC
  • 86Х50X22 mm
  • 104 gr
  • Bluetooth

Airqino / Type 1

An Innovative, professional air quality monitoring station developed by a research Institute. It includes sensors for the most harmful gases as well as particulate matter. 100% plug&play thanks to a SIM card included. External power supply required.

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