PlanetWatch App 1.2 update

Earn rewards and help us build a global air quality monitoring

Look after the air you breathe!

Monitor your city

Help us deliver hyperlocal air quality data in real time.

Protect your family

Minimize exposure to pollutants for yourself and people around you.

Earn rewards

Planet tokens can be redeemed for cool products and services
Air pollution kills seven million people every year worldwide

Help us deploy more sensors to better detect and fight pollution!

Since our App (Android and iOs) was launched back in November, we have been working tirelessly to improve user experience and to address PlanetWatchers’ needs. With every update, we aim to provide an even more reliable and useful tool to complement our air quality monitoring devices.

So, let’s see what’s new…

Add your sensor location seamlessly

Before this update, when you first added your sensor location to the App you were given a form to fill in with the address and, once the process was completed, in case you wanted to change it, you needed to do this on the Explorer. Worry no more! You can now assert your sensor location directly on a map within the App.

Set location - App update 1.2

Change the wallet linked to a sensor with one tap

If you have more than one Algorand wallet, you will be able to select the one in which you want your rewards to be credited.

 Pick your sensor name 

When you activate your sensor it shows up on the App with its official ID, which may look to you like a random set of letters and numbers. It is now possible to change this standard name to one of your convenience.

Check your collectibles 

In the wallet section, there was already a collectibles tab. But now, those of you who joined as Early Birds and received our limited-edition collectible NFT, Palingenesis, will be able to find it stored there.
We pioneered Green collectibles on the Algorand blockchain and, in the future, we are looking to release additional PlanetWatch exclusive NFTs.

Delete your account

If you feel like your journey with us has come to an end, we have made it possible for you to permanently delete your account. Once your account is deleted, the license will be removed from the sensor and we no longer receive any data.

Delete account - App 1.2 update

Discover more about our App features and if you are left with any questions be sure to take a look at our FAQs

Keep watching our Planet and stay tuned for more!


Sensors Technical Documentation

Hardware Devices


Airqino /Type 1
  • Premium Outdoor Sensor
  • PM2.5, NO2, O3, CO
  • 200x193 mm
  • 900 gr
  • SIM included


Arianna/Type 2
  • Consumer outdoor sensor
  • PM2.5
  • 160x160x250 mm
  • 1300 gr
  • Wifi


Indoor . /Type 3
  • -
  • PM2.5, CO2, VOC
  • -
  • -
  • -


Atmotube PROType 4
  • wearable sensor
  • PMs and VOC
  • 86Х50X22 mm
  • 104 gr
  • Bluetooth

Airqino / Type 1

An Innovative, professional air quality monitoring station developed by a research Institute. It includes sensors for the most harmful gases as well as particulate matter. 100% plug&play thanks to a SIM card included. External power supply required.

How are Tokens Earned?

How Challanges are paid, amount of crypto mined by Your Hotspot