Easy node operation for passive income


Setting up a cryptocurrency mining rig or operation is no easy task. The technical know-how is high, and the funds required to develop new mining equipment that is energy efficient is quickly pricing out the average miner.

HNT miners only need an internet connection, a smartphone and a hotspot miner. The hotspots are a combination of a wireless gateway and a blockchain mining device that allow users to mine and earn rewards in the form of the native HNT token. The ease of mining HNT is likely one of the driving forces behind the network’s adoption.

New partners join the network
Aside from price action, engagement with the actual project and its blockchain is fundamental to the success of any blockchain network. The cryptocurrency sector is full of “ghost chains” that have little to no activity on them to justify the value of their tokens, and aside from bot-driven trading, many of the projects are illiquid.

A quick glance through Helium’s Twitter feed indicates that the engagement on the network is seeing steady growth as new partners are added to the network on a weekly basis.

Some of the recent partnerships include Nobel Systems, a company that hosts a parking app that monitors parking spot availability, and Airly, a company that operates a system that monitors global air quality. Helium also formed a partnership with NOWi, a company that operates a network of sensors that alert property owners when leaks and abnormal water use is detected.

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