HNT Halving – Price Prediction

Overall after researching Helium over the past few weeks, im pretty bullish that the price is going to keep increasing as long as Helium grows in popularity (and when comparing Helium to other coins, this is one of the most interesting real-world technologies ive seen being implemented with Crypto). Imo there are so many coins out there doing the same thing (i.e faster transactions, lower fee’s, etc etc) and there’s not too many of these projects like Helium out there. With the limited supply aswell, comparing HNT to other top 100 coins with similar coin supplies it seems quite feasible that we’ll be seeing $15+ sometime this year as long as Helium continues to grow in popularity and its market cap rises.


HNT (Rank #120) – Circulating Supply 71,459,533

NEO (Rank #29) – Circulating Supply 70,538,831

FTX (Rank #32) – Circulating Supply 94,346,958

Now im already pretty bullish with the current state of Helium, but once the halving occurs in August this year cutting the coin supply in half, isn’t it almost inevitable that the value of HNT will increase even more from that?

Edit: I misunderstood what the halving meant. It halfs the issuance of HNT rather than the overall supply. So instead of 5 million being minted every month, its going to be 2.5 million starting August.

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