Huobi to sell world’s most popular IoT crypto miner MXC M2 Pro

Prior to launch, the MXC Foundation was flooded with orders for their M2 Pro. The miner boasts high-returns, low-power energy consumption, and an intuitive operational simplicity. The genius behind the M2 Pro is in its Plug’n’Play set-up, allowing anyone, including mining first-timers, to become hardcore token miners.

This deal is seen as a coup for both parties, with Huobi Global being not only a well respected token exchange, they also possess an impressive logistics and sales distribution network. Additionally, the agreement is expected to significantly boost the already impressive M2 Pro Miner sales figures even further, projecting IoT and Blockchain to households around the globe.

https:// cointelegraph. com/press-releases/huobi-to-sell-worlds-most-popular-iot-crypto-miner-mxc-m2-pro

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