Is More Antenna Gain Better?

The Logarithmic dB Scale

Antenna engineers use a logarithmic scale to express this apparent 2x (times two) mirror power doubling as “+3 dBi”. It still means “doubling”. Here are some other examples of ratios or multipliers on the engineering dBi gain log scale.

Gain in dBiMeaning
-10 dBi
One tenth or 10 % (loss)
-6 dBi
One quarter or 25 % (loss)
-3 dBi
One half or 50% (loss)
0 dBi
Same or 100% (no gain/loss)
+1 dBi
12% higher or x 1.12
+2 dBi
58% higher or x 1.58
+3 dBi
100% higher or double
+6 dBi
4x higher or quadruple
+9 dBi
8x higher
+10 dBi
10x higher
+13 dBi
20x higher
+20 dBi
100x higher

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