What precisely is connecting all of these IoT things?

2G, 3G and 4G are terms that we all know and understand well but how about radio, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT or LPWAN? There are various types of connectivity that can underpin the Internet of Things and these latter ones are arguably the most widely used outside of pure cellular connectivity.

When we talk about the ‘internet of things’ it’s not immediately clear which type of ‘internet’ connectivity we’re referring to because many devices are now being designed to intelligently select the connectivity that best suits its needs, based on the following three things:

Power consumption – How much power does the device or sensor need to operate?
Range – Does it need to connect and send data over great distances?
Bandwidth – Will it transmit small or large amounts of data e.g. low bandwidth and high bandwidth?

Graph shows connectivity types in relation to connectivity rate and range



source: https:// www.iot-now. com/2019/07/07/97056-what-is-iot/


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