Announcing 5G on the Helium Network

On April 14th, the Helium community voted to pass HIP 27, which effectively paves the way for the Helium Network to become the first consumer-owned 5G network in the world.

Read HIP 27 here: To help put HIP 27 in motion and accelerate the pace of Helium’s 5G rollout, today we’re excited to announce Helium and FreedomFi are partnering to launch the second wireless network on the Helium Network.

With this announcement also comes the launch of FreedomFi’s pre-sale waitlist of the inaugural batch of FreedomFi Gateways, a connectivity device that pairs with 5G antennas and is compatible with the Helium Network. These gateways can be thought of as the very first generation of 5G Hotspots. Check out the pre-sale waitlist here if you’d like to learn more:

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