How the M2 Pro system on MXC works.

matchx m2 pro multi token mining


1. Firstly, we always encourage all supporters to buy direct from MatchX


(a) Because you simply don’t know if the previous owner is selling you stolen goods

(b) You don’t know if the previous owner has been tampering with the software (possibly making the M2 Pro unusable and voiding its warranty)

(c) You never know the age nor the condition of the M2 Pro which can severely affect the performance of the M2 Pro

2. When buying from a 3rd party (if you choose to go against the advice from MatchX / MXC and continue to do so) we can’t determine whether the item has been stolen – the only way you could have a partially successful “hand over” is if the original user deletes their miner from their Data Dash and then you could look to add it

3. If we simply allow anyone to scan an M2 Pro and load it to their data dash we would see an explosion in stolen miners, view an M2 Pro a little like a NFT, there is only one and they are all traced to their original owner

4. I’m not sure what made you buy it from a 3rd party whom you didn’t trust. I think you will agree, MXC cant be held responsible for this deal not turning out how you would have expected. Furthermore we can not offer discounts or spend our time on sorting these things out when we strictly advise against do these 3rd party deals, for exactly the reasons you have encountered.

At MXC and MatchX we stand for complete security as we do our best to secure everyone’s investment. I strongly advise you to contact the person whom you bought the M2 Pro from and request them to give you full access.

I wish you all the best, but please allow this to be a warning for others. Do not buy from 3rd party suppliers, as you simply do not know what you are receiving.
Good luck!


source  discord Aaron MXC — 04/16/2021

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