Nebra Helium Miner Shipping Update – 4th May 2021

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Hey folks!

We’re writing to give you an update on the production and shipping schedule for the Nebra HNT Miners. Our team has been busy with production since we last posted an update. If you’ve been on Discord recently, you’ll have noticed we were posting about issues with CE/FCC testing, component sourcing and more. We plan to share more details about this in the near future.

To begin with, we spoke to our manufacturer before their “Labour Day” holiday (1st to 5th May) and they informed us that Batch 1 is expected to start shipping during the third week of May (week commencing 17th May) via our shipping partner Floship (all shipping will be done via the quickest possible air/express methods available) – we are not quite sure why there is a further delay, and will be pushing them to speed this up once they are back to the office on the 6th May. Regarding batch 2, this will be shortly after batch one and we will post an update as soon as possible on that as soon as we have more solid info. For all other batches we’ll provide an update in upcoming updates that will be posted on the Nebra blog.


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