Syncrobit Shipping Update

Hey everyone! As we’ve officially entered into Early May, we’re keenly aware that the clock is ticking on our projection of beginning to ship EU units in Early May. As such, I wanted to give you some behind the scenes insights into why we’re still confident!

We’ve had a number of fully completed units come off the line now, and they’re on their way to George. He’s already received 2 completed production units, and they’re working perfectly! We care deeply about ensuring that you receive the best product possible, so we’ve actually had 25 more units sent from the manufacturer to George to ensure consistency of quality across the board. These units have already been in transit for a few days, and we anticipate receiving them by May 10th (although shipping is always a bit of an uncertainty).

Once we do receive them and verify consistent quality, we’ll quickly provide a green light to the manufacturer, and shipping will commence immediately thereafter.

The factory currently has approximately 3000 units in various stages of being ready to ship, with all the relevant components fully manufactured, and only requiring minor assembly. We anticipate upwards of 1000 units going out the door within the first few days of shipping, but will continue to keep you updated on specifics.

North America
For the NA folks out there, unfortunately we don’t have any FCC updates for you as of now, but we hope that seeing the progress on the EU side is somewhat heartening, and will provide some confidence that we’ll have units out the door to you as soon as certification hits. As of now, we still feel confident in our projection of Late May.

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