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Nebra Shipment Update

We are told that shipments to all distributors will begin on March 17th. But why the delay? The manufacturer says they can’t start delivering until then, and we don’t have any more information. You can read the full update from Nebra here. We are working closely with our logistics partner and they understand our number one priority is speed of delivery, so as soon as these ship to us, we will be turning them around as fast as humanly possible. So what does this mean for the follow up batches? Batch 2 should ship shortly after batch 1, batches 3 and 4 will be delayed and Batch 5 looks like they will be delayed until the end of Q3. ALL batches will SHIP TO US VIA AIR, then we will turn around with our logistics partner and ship out as soon as possible. We’ve partnered with one of the best in the nation that has the capacity to scale as each batch arrives. We do offer full refunds prior to shipment, so if you would like one, feel free to email us.

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