Introducing the Linxdot Helium Hotspot Miner


Linxdot is joining the wireless revolution.

With over 28 thousand Helium Hotspots now active across the world, the introduction of the Helium 5G network, and the exceptional demand for Hotspots worldwide, we felt like this was the perfect time to join the Helium Community. We are working towards becoming a Helium Hotspot vendor and bring our expertise as a consumer device manufacturer to this amazing initiative whilst at the same time helping to increase coverage to more locations worldwide. The plan is to make Linxdot Helium Hotspots accessible to even more people so that we can start making real changes to the wireless infrastructure of the coming years. We can see so many use cases for IoT that are more consumer focussed and supported by LORAWAN as the network, to achieve this the infrastructure has to be deployed first.

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