How To Fix a RELAYED Helium Hotspot



Troubleshooting Guide

Relayed troubleshooting link:


3. Internet Works and Cannot Connect to Helium Network/Hotspot is being Relayed

  • If you are able to connect to the Internet, but cannot get an inbound or outbound connection to the network, it may be a firewall issue or your Hotspot is being Relayed.
  • Hotspots being Relayed are not directly connected to the internet, but through another Hotspot on the network and can adversely affect mining and earnings. Relayed Hotspots can be identified in Explorer.
  • We recommend enabling TCP Ports 44158 in both directions in your modem. Check your Router’s manufacturing instructions on how to open ports 44158.
  • To get started with port forwarding, check out
  • For support and firmware updates, we will need ports 22  and 443  open Outbound.


Need to open ports 44158, 443 and 22 – turn uPNP off



Other sources: How to fix relayed on the Helium Network

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