Discovery Mode

Discovery Mode helium

Discovery Mode! An easy way to visualize Hotspot coverage without waiting for challenges, asserting a location, right in the Helium App! Discover how your Hotspot coverage changes as you switch out antennas, move the Hotspot from one side of the house to another, or go from indoor to outdoors.

Discovery Mode is a great way to understand how many Hotspots can hear you for Proof-of-Coverage and how you can optimize coverage.

The Fine Print

  • Discovery Mode Sessions are free to use and no Data Credits required. To avoid gaming, we allow up to 5 sessions per day per Hotspot.
  • Only Hotspot owners can initiate Discovery Mode sessions
  • Bluetooth pairing is not required
  • Discovery Mode may not work on relayed Hotspots, and will not work on syncing or offline Hotspots.
  • Hotspots receiving Discovery Mode packets will earn HNT for Data Packet Transfer.

Discovery Mode, or as we unofficially call it, Disco Mode 💃🕺 is available on App Stores 3.2.0 and on Hotspots running firmware version 2021.05.12.0 or later.


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