IoT Security and Privacy Helium

IoT Security and Privacy Helium

Helium IoT is the world’s first decentralized mobile network. Helium provides a secure, encrypted connection to any device, anywhere in the world. You can use IoT devices in many ways, such as home automation, healthcare monitoring, smart cities, or manufacturing. But the problem is that these devices are often not secure enough because it’s designed without security in mind! This means your privacy and trust could be at risk!

Click on the button below to visit Helium Network website and follow the instructions on how to set up your IoT Network Security. This is for anyone who wants to start and operate an IoT Network Hotspot with iHub Miner Hosting Program and protect themselves from hackers online. We’ll talk about some ways you can do this by using encryption on your Wi-Fi router, on all of your web-connected devices, and more! What’s your take on privacy when it comes to the IoT Network? Watch this video at the 35:18 mark to hear the response from Helium Chief Operating Officer Frank Mong.


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