Discovery Mode is in Version v.3.2.0 – Helium Hotspot App

Use Discovery Mode to optimize your Hotspot and maximize rewards.


Since the beginning of the Network, every Hotspot owner has asked the question “what is my Hotspot coverage like” or “can anyone witness me”. If you’re a long-time Discord member, the answer typically starts with “It depends…”.

Some intrepid members of the Network will analyze beacons, challenges, even set up a device, and drive around the area to see where the dead zones are. We’ve now made it incredibly easy for you to answer that age-old question.

Today, we are excited to announce Discovery Mode! An easy way to visualize Hotspot coverage without waiting for challenges, asserting a location, right in the Helium App! Discover how your Hotspot coverage changes as you switch out antennas, move the Hotspot from one side of the house to another, or go from indoor to outdoors.


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