Bobcatminer slow syncing issues


If anyone is having slow syncing issues, please DM the above 5 details in this sequqence

– Order no.

– Hotspot name

– Days since connected to Ethernet

– Current Bloc0k no.

– Hotspot link

. Make sure you answer all of them. Our next steps here is to have our eng team take a look at see if anything is still stuck at the same place when they check, or if it’s going backwards. Please know this slow syncing issue likely will be fixed with constant OTAs coming out these days from Helium, but having these info collected will help our team better identify if there’s anything we can do to better accelerate syncing going forward

Yes getting to it now. Re beacon issues, I have contacted a few people and got their units sent over to engineers both in the US and China. Here is our next steps
1. We need to get those units, take them apart, and investigate the issues first
2. If it’s something that can be remotely fixed and easily, we will make sure to help everyone with the beacon issue to have this issued fixed over the air
3. If it turns out this is indeed a hardware issue and units need to be recalled, we will do that and send users new units

In order for us to find out the root cause, we need to first of all, look at those units that are having beacon issues before we start sending out replacement units to avoid the same issues happen again. I currently already have several units in transit to our engineers

SCAM warning – these are the only 3 accounts that you can trust to provide details to Bobcat. Do not provide any wallet information to anyone else but them. Do not create any wallets under instruction from people pretending to be Bobcat or Helium support.


UPDATE 1. Bobcat is pushing out an OTA update (should already started and will continue to be pushed out in the following hours to miners that are online)

2. The update changes the docker ulimit parameter to fit the latest miner version

3. It optimizes miner operation

4. It changes the daily OTA time from 4.30pm PT to 9.00pm PT because Helium usually pushes out firmware updates around 7/8pm PT, so this change makes sure the bobcat fleet gets the helium updates right away, instead of waiting for 24 hours

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