Software Update 2021.05.26.2 has just been deployed

nebra HNT case

This should fix the issues with people using Apple devices and receiving an issue which is along the lines of “invalid wire type” or “index out of range”.

If you have this issue then the resolution is as follows:
* Plug your hotspot into a wired ethernet connection
* Leave it for approximately 15-30 minutes
* Try again.

If this does not fix it please follow the steps at

Any issues during setup? Please send us a mail to and fill out the form down below. Feel free to give us a notice with your ticket number in the Discord chat.

Model of unit :
Mac address of the unit (Shown as ETH on sticker):
Frequency of the unit (Shown as Freq on sticker):
How are you connecting it to internet? (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular):
How are you powering the unit? (Included adaptor, POE, Third party adaptor):
If the issue relates to initial setup of the hotspot:
What make & model of phone are you using?
What version of the Helium App are you using?
Do you have any screenshots of any error codes?

Request Failed with status code 404

This is on the Helium App side so isn’t something we can fix, however good news is that Helium have pushed this as an update to android already. And I believe iOS Is immenent.

Known Issues

We still have a couple of known issues which are:
* Characteristic 398168aa write fail, Something we’re working on resolving. For now if you close the app and re-open it and try again that should work.

* Characteristic df3b16ca write fail, we’re looking into why this is happening, for this if you can follow the steps at and email us straight away.

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