What kind of devices can use Helium?

helium network new

LoRaWAN / LongFi has many different use cases, it is a low bandwidth and low power solution making it ideal for devices out in the field that send or receive small amounts of data or need to survive a long time on battery / solar power. It is not useful for high bandwidth applications such as sending images or video. Some good use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Monitoring – temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, air quality, gas levels, water quality
  • Smart Buildings – door status, predictive cleaning, a/c / heating monitoring, occupancy sensors, lighting, smart metering, fridges / freezers (cool chain)
  • Smart Cities – people counters, transport monitoring, bin / tank levels, leak detection, rain water harvesting, asset tracking
  • Agritech – cattle trackers, crop management, soil sensors, slurry tank monitoring
  • Many others…

Lots of end devices are available off the shelf from vendors such as Things Connected Store and are compatible with Helium providing they conform to LoRaWAN standards and support Over The Air Activation (OTAA).

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