Parleylabs Updates – Welcome to The Inner Circle v12

Parleylabs Updates - Welcome to The Inner Circle

Nebra Updates!

The first 320 units have landed stateside (not 325 like the factory was supposed to send) and DHL provided a June 1 estimated delivery date. For the next shipment we have preemptively worked with our forwarding company in preparation for the remainder of batch 1 units. This should expedite future shipments a bit more.

We received many responses from customers who want us to ship their units as is. The loose two loose components are ONLY in this first batch of units. Nebra has addressed the issue with their factory and all subsequent units will be built as expected. They also confirmed that no matter which option you choose, your units are still fully covered under warranty. We will secure the antenna connector and compute modules for those who didn’t respond and ship out immediately. This should take us about 1-2 days to complete. We CANNOT wait to ship these out and get these into your hands, they have been shown to fully sync in record speeds (under 7 hours). We recommend that when you get any miner (no matter the brand), plug the antenna in and connect to ethernet to let it grab the latest firmware and fully sync before installing/deploying.

Nebra, Validators and more 27 May 2021

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