FCC Update & Shipping 1 June 2021

syncrobit helium

Hey everyone, quick update on a few topics:

Shipping — The 1000 EU units have left the factory and are on their way to our EU warehouse! I’ll keep you up to date on their status, and will soon provide some details around order numbers being fulfilled.

Re: FCC —We’ve received a number of test results and everything is looking good. While it had been communicated to us that testing would be complete by now, the lab is unfortunately not done. We know that is frustrating, and we’re similarly frustrated by the lab’s delays. They have told us definitively that everything will be done in time to have the FCC certificate issued this month, and we’re pressing them for insights into why the process is taking longer than was advertised to us, and that we in turn passed along to you. The one insight they have provided us is that because we submitted a number of variations of units (to alleviate supply sourcing challenges), our testing and application is significantly lengthier than that of other hotspots that have been submitted, and is taking longer accordingly. We only became aware that they were not on track today, when they did not deliver on the timeline communicated to us.

Next EU Shipment — The next shipment is expected to go out from the factory next Monday, and I’ll follow up here in the coming days with exact numbers.

Source : Discord Channel

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