full miner / light miner


there are two products:
* full miner (erlang app)
* light miner (rust app)

both may run on any hardware, but the most common use case is to run a miner with a lorawan gateway to earn HNT
it is possible to earn HNT from poc and packet forwarding. POC requires a security implementation to work. PF doesn’t.

kerlink has been selling gateways since the dinosaurs roamed the earth and is converting them to be able to run the full miner + security for POC.
existing inventory and vanilla kerlink gateways (e.g. non-helium) will never earn HNT from POC and they are considered DIY. they can run the full miner, the light miner, but no POC.

the full and light miners both run on the kerlink hardware.
kerlink hardware may earn from POC only if it is factory produced with helium.

timeline: today full miners earn through POC + challenges + consensus + PF and light miners do not earn
“tomorrow” the consensus will move to the cloud miners (validators)
“tomorrow” the light miners will onboard the blockchain and earn from PF (all of them, including DIY)
“the day after tomorrow” the challenges will move to the cloud miners
“after that” the POC will move to light miners, at this point no lorawan gateway will run the full miner

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