LoRa Alliance, Semtech in talks with Amazon to switch Sidewalk over to LoRaWAN

Amazon to switch Sidewalk over to LoRaWAN

The LoRa Alliance, the technical and marketing group promoting the LoRaWAN protocol for wide-area network (WAN) communications, is looking at ways to tweak the LoRaWAN specification for Amazon, so the retail and cloud giant switches its Sidewalk wireless networking platform from a proprietary version of LoRa to LoRaWAN.

A new working group, called LoRaWAN-Versus-Proprietary, has been established inside the LoRa Alliance to address certain shortcomings in the LoRaWAN specification to make it workable for Amazon, which selected a proprietary version of LoRa over LoRaWAN for Sidewalk in September.

At the time, Camarillo-based Semtech, which owns the non-cellular LoRa technology, hailed LoRa’s move into the consumer space, having established itself in proprietary setups and as the root technology in LoRaWAN for low-power industrial IoT connectivity.

The deal with Amazon, to underpin its new Sidewalk platform, running in 900 MHz spectrum, is a feather in the cap for the firm, and a driver potentially for considerable volumes in the smart-home market. At the same time, the announcement has shaken the LoRaWAN community, which has established a vibrant ecosystem.


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