Community Questions and Concerns Cal Chip

Team Meetings CalChip 28 May

“Can you explain to us why Cal Chip over promised on summer delivery and then move shipments over to November time frame?”

*Please note that nothing was ever “promised.” We have always been sure to publicize that the shipping estimations were only ever that, estimations at best. 3 months ago, nobody expected the supply chain  to be get worse, but it is. We will continue to keep all of you updated.

“They keep shipping massive quantities to likes of Emrit while keeping their retail customers waiting  for months”
*We have shipped in line, based on order time. For those that ordered 50 or more, they are setup on  partial monthly shipments.
“What I don’t understand is how they have over 20k orders in the YAK and Zebra batches…seems  sketchy to me”
*Our suppliers that provide the parts to RAK to build Hotspot Miners are going to be shipping a considerable amount in September/October, which is why the YAK and Zebra batches have so many  orders.
“Please refute the claims that your angry customers are making that Cal Chip falsified information to secure more revenue.”
*All of CalChip’s information provided was based on information provided from suppliers and with some distribution time added in from the CalChip side. We don’t have any control in supply chain challenges.
It’s a global shortage, no information was ever falsified to secure more revenue.


Source: Discord

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