First Nebra Shipments and the Followup

First Nebra Shipments and the Followup

Nebra Updates!

As you may have seen in our previous update, we were expecting our shipment from Nebra of 320 units to arrive by June 1, we actually received them early which was great! This allowed us to fix the issue with the loose antenna for all customers who requested us to do this, and have everything shipped ahead of schedule. We would like to thank everyone in Batch 1 (first 320 units) for your prompt replies to our emails and messages on social, this helped us out a lot! Please Note: We are told the follow up batches will not need to have these issues so we will be able to ship them directly to you as soon as they’re delivered to us.

Moving Forward: We are excited to let you know that we have another 100 units scheduled to ship on 6/6 and be delivered by 6/12 and the remainder of Batch 1 will be scheduled for shipment this week!

Batch 2: Indoor units for Batch 2 are expected to follow with shipments starting in two weeks!

Batch 3: Indoor units for Batch 3 are expected to start shipping at the end of June

Outdoor Units – Batch 1: We have been notified that it looks like the FCC approval process is near completion! This means we are expecting Batch 1 of outdoor miners to start shipping to us at the end of June.


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