Miner Health Observation Deck

matchx m2 pro multi token mining

One of the major updates on the way is Miner Health. The measurement is designed to ensure that miners are able to see the effectiveness of their mining operation. 100% miner health will indicate that your M2 Pro is set up at its optimal state. Anything lower will indicate that changes are needed.

Miner Health will be determined by your signal strength and stability, miner location, elevation, heartbeat, and your contribution to the MXC ecosystem. We are currently working on an intricate formula that will factor in all these independent variables and show the result in a simple, beautiful interface so that you will not have to do any complex measurement yourself.

We are also working on factors that can increase your Miner Health, should you wish to increase your earnings in other ways. We are actively pursuing a method of reflecting your staking or miner balance into the Miner Health so that it can bridge the gap between your mining operations and how you interact with the MXC token.”
– Siwon, MXC Foundation

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