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Bobcat_Warmar(Community Support) — 05/06/2021
To get the customer service fast as possible I woud like to ask everyone to report any issues the following way:
1: If its Syncing based or Offline status based, fill out the forms above
2: If its Witnessing / Beaconing do the same
3: Adress modification, write an email to
4: Pending Payment issue: We moved to Coinbase hopefuly there will be no issue now, but from the MugglePay time fill out the pinned form, if no response within 72 hours, DM me and your issue will be guaranteed to resolve within 48 hours (if you paid correctly ofc)
5: Any general order confirmation, other issues, FAQ you can DM me and I will help personally!


For anyone who had been syncing for more than 5 days, please fill out this form so we can record your issue:
(dont fill out if you only have been syncing for 48-72 hours, it can take sometimes longer (80+) so make sure to only report real issues!

By the time we went over the last reported cases more than 50% of the reports have been synced since, but made us collect and forward their “issue”

Anyone having Offline issue where miner goes offline even for days please fill out the form above and make additional comment about details at the end,
also choose the right option in the form when we ask about the type of issue you having.

For anyone having Witnessing issue, first make sure Discovery Mode shows 0 even if you have potentional Hotspots near you.
Another fact to consider, is that Beaconing/Witnessing can take a day to even up to several days after initial sync to start working,
we had many devices reported and by the time we checked them they were all working and witnessing, make sure to wait at least 72 hours after sync complete,
than please fill out this form so we can look into your issue:

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