LED status light change issue

bobcatminer 300

Regarding the on/offline, LED status light change issue, here is an explanation why this is happening:

1. The logic of the explorer showing on/offline, and the logic of the led status showing green/yellow is not controlled by the hardware. Currently it’s controlled by Helium

2. When explorer shows offline and/or the led turns to yellow, it could mean several things not necessarily that it’s off the internet, but one of the possibilities is that the miner is not receiving p2p data very well because it’s relayed or other miners it’s talking to are relayed. Which means, if you see the status constantly changing, it means the miner is trying different ways to talk to other miners on the blockchain

3. The best thing you can do while seeing the frequent on/offline and/or LED status changes is to 1) ensure your internet is working and 2) keep the miner connected to internet. 3) port forward to remove the relay status of your own miner if you can but not mandatory. 4) No need to reboot

4. Going forward, in order to make this less confusing, we may look into taking over the control of the LED light status, ie. update the logic so that as long as the miner is connected to the internet, the light will be green; currently Nebra and LongAP control their miner LED status on their own

Source: Discord

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