SyncroBit Today Weekly Update


As mentioned we’ll be moving to a weekly 7PM EST Tuesday update in an effort to keep the community informed, while allowing the team the space to work on bringing you the best product possible as fast as possible.

1) CE — PASSED — CE testing is officially done and passed! See the certificate attached below.

2) FCC — Final stages — The lab has communicated to us that testing it done and they’re working on the final report.

3) 1000 EU Units — The 1000 units have arrived in Romania and are in the process of clearing customs. These units will cover up to Order 1477.

4) Australia — We expect to offer Australia units soon, so stay tuned for updates!

5) Next Shipment — The next shipment of ~1000 EU units is expected to go out tp the warehouse next week. Our goal is to have a consistent stream of units leaving the EU warehouse and headed to customers.

6) Vosk Coin Collaboration — Finally, we’re incredibly excited to launch our first gateway collaboration, designed in partnership with Vosk Coin! This limited edition gateway comes serialized with a maximum of 1337 units in the drop.

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