Nebra Gateway Batch 1 Updates

Nebra Gateway Batch 1 Updates
Nebra Updates!
Batch 1: As promised, an additional 100 units of Batch 1 did ship out to us on June 6th and are clearing customs as we speak (just double checked tracking details before writing this, so it’s the most up to date information we have).


So, what order numbers will that be covering? Order numbers 1428-1484 will be shipping out to customers early next week! Order numbers 1484-1674 are estimated to ship out to customers the week of June 21st, we have scheduled the units for shipment and are waiting for airline confirmation. This is how the process goes with our freight forwarder; we schedule the pickup and they have to schedule the flight with the airline, which is normally a rather quick process but because of the bottleneck on shipments the process now takes longer to secure cargo flights.


Batch 2: We are awaiting confirmation from Nebra to schedule the shipment of Batch 2 orders, but our last update was that they would be ready by early next week.


Batch 3: Last update was that we are still on track and expect Batch 3 to start shipping to us by the end of June.


Outdoor Units – Batch 1: No new updates, the FCC process is still near completion, we will push to find out exactly what that means to give you a better update! We are still expecting the Outdoor Batch 1 units to be shipped to us at the end of June.

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