15 June 2021 LongAp update after first sale

soldout longap 15 june 2021

Message from  Discord.

Well, that was not how we planned today to go.

First of all we are very sorry about the experience and we are very sad to hear that we hurt your trust.

We envisioned the website to have a hard time, so we scaled up massively, but it was clearly not enough. We processed almost 9 million functional requests on our cluster in under an hour.  (if that was a cluster was very bad configured …and work like a single VPS  not like a cluster)

Yes, we thought that having a coupon was a good method to avoid bots ordering. For those wondering, it was not possible to pay 5 pcs without applying a coupon code due to payment-method limits. 1 person actually ordered and paid 1 hotspot at “full” price. We are contacting him to ask what he want to do.

We did actually sell all of the stock. As said, stock is only reserved after you started your payment method, and sadly many people didn’t get that far (but that was expected, this was the “breaking-point” for stock as said before, NOT having it in your cart)

Everything is already ready for pickup by UPS (pending one order from somebody here at Discord that used MultiBanco and we are still waiting confirmation on that). Everybody that did pay should have received a shipping confirmation and invoice.

For the rest of the batch we are considering raffle/”lottery”; We will open a form soon that allows you to enter the “contest”. We are also open to other suggestions from the community.

Again we are very sorry.

Also as a reminder: a gain threatening me personally via e-mail, phone or even physically at my home address (yes that happend again today). will not get you anything.


longap vistors

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