LongAP HNT Sale: Worst ever

longap selling miner

Community message

09:00 Amsterdam time website was opened for sell the LongAp One miner

longap hnt sell first page

After 1 minutes the web site present database connection and all stuck.

error longap

Processing order with multiple errors

The payments screen did not work

longap miner HNT

important ordering information longap

longap miner HNT longap miner HNT longap miner HNT longap miner HNT longap miner HNT

Message from community

The code is basic but smart idea kind of unbreakable, tho a good dev can edit the bot to enter code in 1 minute :slight_smile:
If server woud keep up at least part of the traffic it woud be solid tho thats not the problem.
Feels hard to believe 400 people got in at all, I was here 8:58 refreshing in a gigabit internet point 5 sec :slight_smile: (+Tried Amsterdam, German, UK VPN) Feels like an offsale stuff on a different database

Kozholio — Today at 09:40
I can still see my wc_cart_hash_…. in my browser local Storage after getting that far with the order. But page still says not allowed. 405 Error.

To those ppl who said crypto payment options not available, you should be thankful about that. You’d never get a refund if anything crashed in the process.(edited)


StormLord — Today at 09:42
Im an IT by profession, they did know about this beforehand. Things to consider is why even if they had load put a coupon for it and WHO leaked it? Do you find it as a professional behavour? because I mostly think they do it on purpose for a reason I cann’t think of now. As for database connections, a connection is close in less than 5ms so that is not an excuse.

Mattish — Today at 09:49
If you are knowledgeable about how modern sites work, you could see how things were failing and do retries in the browser without refreshing. I was stuck on the checkout for a v. long time like most others. Also the returning from callback from payment was also failing, so that was pretty spooky tbh @ longap team.


GrafZahl — Today at 10:32
Let’s be realistic. The page crashed due to bot traffic. The coupon thing was not bot protection. Probably a lot of the miners went to bots. That is not a bad thing for LongAP as they made their revenue. You can’t be protect a sale from bots 100%. But please, and I sincerely mean it, invest in better infrastructure or get a proper shop solution next time.



UK coupon not work and vat not removed?


at 09:27 this message “close” the sale

longap message

longap message 09 27

ping longap

09:34  server down

longap miner server down


09:54   longap web site present this message

longap Back soon



Sorry we have sold out! Please wait for the next announcement


10:15 official message in Discord

longap official message in Discord 10 15



Other Discord Messages   / Longap Channel


innit — Today at 12:03
Their practices stated in art. 3 of the TOS, and what they did last minute (raising the price etc) are not conform with art. VI.82 e.v. WER (I’m searching for the European law regarding this matter)

longap TOS

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