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soldout longap 15 june 2021


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i respect the fact that you are at least trying to give explanations, but my only question is, why did you remove crypto payments off the website? that was 1))% unacceptable.



Today at 16:44
We didn’t remove it, it failed under load.

why did it fail under load? or more importantly, why was it the only one that failed on the load?

longap tim

timcooijmans.longap — Today at 17:40
We produced a test batch of 20 pieces: Some of those were used for CE certification, some of those were provided to DeWi for audit and some are used for development. The rest was sold (at the same price) to friends and family.

All actual “production” units are sold via the website. I didn’t provide the coupon code to anybody, even my co-founder or any other colleagues didn’t know the actual coupon code (but knew about the setup of course).
Nobody from our team ordered, or as far as I can see their relatives.

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