LongAp – Apologies and next sale

Longap Apologies and next sale

Two days ago we opened the first sale of our LongAP One. Sadly it didn’t go as planned and we want to apologize:

  • Based on interest shown, we expected a large volume of traffic, but were faced with actually 4x more then expected causing our site to slow down and give errors.
  • In the last month we received a lot of requests via email, Twitter and on Discord to implement bot detection and wanted to listen to this request. Based on conversations with experts in this area, we decided to introduce a coupon-method to prevent bots from ordering. This means that the price of LongAP One was artificially increased, it was impossible to order it at this price and it should have been easy to add the coupon so it could be ordered. Sadly this failed miserably:
    • Many customers failed to notice the coupon and though we increased the price last minute. We want to assure you that it was impossible to pay the non-discounted price and as a result nobody did. All orders completed were at the reduced price of 650 EUR ex VAT.
    • It was impossible to apply the coupon in many cases due to communication issues.
  • Our stock management system couldn’t handle the load and as a result didn’t give an error when there was no stock left, resulting in a infinite “spinner”.
  • Our estimates indicate that over 35 000 people tried t (Personally I think this is just a number to “cover” the badly web site configuration and constantly error) order and we didn’t have enough stock to fulfill all those orders.

To avoid these problems in the future, we have partnered with a world-leading webshop hosting provider to try to provide you the best possible shopping experience. Once this new setup is finished we will open orders again.

Soon will be selling all of the remaining stock of LongAP One (for the normal price without requiring any coupons) with delivery within 1 day to 5 weeks. At the same time we will be opening pre-orders for outdoor professional hotspot LongAP Pro and our newest addition our indoor hotspot LongAP Light.

Again we are sorry for the trouble caused and hope that you will consider buying with us in the future.



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