Network Issues – Troubleshooting Bobcat miner 300

Troubleshooting Bobcat

1. Network Issues.

  • Offline: When you saw your device is offline, you need to use a computer to connect to the same LAN cable / WiFi to make sure it can access the Internet. This is the fastest way to make sure your network is good.
  • Relay: You may see Relay in your Helium App or web page. Maybe they are not same status. Basically the status in Helium App will be more faster than web page. The Relay status is determined by lib_p2p. It’s very easy to solve the “Relay” if you can access your router directly.  Easy way: Only connect to  Wifi, Reserve the Mac address of Wifi in your router, then disable UPnP in your router and add port forwarding to the IP address you reserved. 44158-44158. (22/443 – almost all home routers allow out by default but some special vpn routers block them. For 22, only needed for remote support). Or follow steps below:
    1. Method 1: Enable UPnP in your router. Some router don’t support UPnP. If you enabled UPnP, don’t set Port Forwarding. Unfortunately UPnP is not a universally standardized feature, and therefore does not always work as intended. Some routers don’t have UPnP and some will not work even if you enabled UPnP. If UPnP works, after UPnP enabled, wait for over 30minutes (depends on the advertisement period), you will see ports were added to Portmap table. If it not work, try method 2.
    2. Method 2: Use Port Forwarding. You can only use a port on a single device. When using Port Forwarding, you should disable your UPnP. Port forwarding allows selected ports to be always open for one device. Your Bobcat needs to have a static IP address. If you don’t reserve IP for your Bobcat, it’s IP address will change every time your router rebooted (some routers will restart automatically). Once your IP changed, port forwarding on the original IP address won’t work. Sometimes if you see your Bobcat stopped any activities for a long time, please confirm your Port Forwarding IP address is same as your Bobcat IP address.
    3. Method 3: Put your hotspot in DMZ. Basically there’s only 1 DMZ device can be set in a router. That means you totally disabled your firewall to the device in DMZ. So basically I don’t suggest this method. Some gateways disabled DMZ directly.
    4. Last:

      You should only choose 1 of 3 options above. Not 2 or all of them. And You need to reserve an IP for your Bobcat.

      If you have two routers and you disconnected all of them, some routers will change the Port Forwarding IP address to 192.168.0.*, so it will not work after your router connected again.

    5. If your router has a diagnose log, use it. Basically after port forwarding enabled, you can see ongoing and incoming ports in the log right away (no reboot in most of the routers). Some router may ask you to reboot your router. The Relay status won’t be gone right away. It will take some time. Be patient. If the status doesn’t change, try to reboot your router/device.

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