How much cash USD are we going to need to get a freedom fi gateway radio antenna etc. fully operational?

freedimfi 5g

There are so many variables but here.

radio- 600-7500+(including antennas)
Gateway- 500
Misc install things- 250-1500

Now some variables and monthly costs.
Spectrum access-20 pm per radio Update- Discounted rate through Freedomfi. $ still unkown.
Sas dashboard-” ballpark of $5-$10/month/radio”
Installer course-600 one time
Internet backhaul-100-500 pm

prices are estimates. this is just the information we know right now. I will keep this updated.

Lett’s start with a simple indoor setup with one radio(Nova 227). It might cost you $2,000 to do the install. You work something out with the business owner and pay $150 a month for the lease and $50 to get on their internet. Your variables would be $~230 pm.

Let’s say you do a dual radio install. One outdoor(436q with antennas) and one indoor(Nova 227). You’re looking closer to $8,500.

In this variable because you have two radios you’re going to pay an extra access fee. It’s going to cost you ~$250 pm if we take all the variables from above into consideration.

This time you have two Gateways. Let’s take the two installs above. The indoor and the indoor/outdoor installs. We take all the same variables as before. Because you have two gateways your monthly fees are going to change. You’re paying $430 because you have 3 radios, 2 internet backhaul and 2 lease.

**Freedomfi confirmed price of dashboard. Fee is based per radio. See above.***

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