Tuning your Hotspot

  1. How many HNT I can mine everyday?

    • It depends, please see No.2. I’ve helped many friends to tune up their Bobcats to mine 200 HNTs monthly from 0 or almost 0 (some only has Challenger income).
  2. What’s the most important thing to increase your income?

    • Fully synced
    • No Relay! 
      • When your Miner is relayed, the listen_addrs is p2p-circuit, depends on the Miners connecting to you, it may be very slow and a lot of timeout can be seen in the log. Your Miner may have caught beacons from many other miners but can’t send the witness out due to timeout.
      • A sample peer book of relayed miner.
      • It was heart breaking when I saw this in a miner. So many witnesses lost!
    • Network Speed!
      • On your phone, google “Internet speed test”. If you are using WiFi, test at exactly the same location as your Miner. Make sure your network speed is fast (100M will be perfect).
      • Test sample.
    • Tune your Antenna.
      • This is very complex but I’ll try to explain a little bit.
        Is dBi larger the better? NO. Please see the image below.It depends on where your Miner is located. If you are on the mountain and there are very few Miners nearby, you should choose a high dBi Antenna to reach miners in the city. Basically in this case, a directional Antenna will be better to cover one side.If you are in a city where there are a lot of Miners nearby, you should choose a lower dBi Antenna because the witness RSSI quality is very important to your income. The Bobcat’s Antenna dBi is 4, it’s a good balance of distance and coverage. High dBi Antenna can talk futher but RSSI quality is not good in many cases. You may see a lot of invalid witnesses even if it’s near your Miner. That is one of the reason that some miners have a lot of witnesses but income lower than expected.  A very good witness can eary a lot: A weak witness only earn a bit. A bad witness won’t earn anything due to below lower bound error (sometimes network error). 

        Now, where should you locate your Antenna? It depends. It’s best to connect the antenna to your Miner without any cable. But because most of the Miners are indoor only, you will need a cable to connect to your Antenna to get best RSSI. But keep in mind that the longer the cable you use, the more dBi loss. Below is a calculator to help you calculate it.

      • Parameters:
        Line Type:
        Line Length:
        Feet  Meters
        Load SWR::1
        Power In:Watts
        Matched Loss:
        SWR Loss:
        Total Loss:
        Power Out:
        Power Loss:
      • Then how should I choose the Antenna? Where should you locate it? To Be Continued.



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