Cal chip connect Order Updates


Is your order number a part of a completed Shipping Batch and you still haven’t received a tracking number? If this is you, please don’t panic. :slight_smile:

Please email me directly at and I will look into your specific order number for you and together we’ll figure it out and get it fixed/shipped. :slight_smile:

Many times the reasons for an order not shipping are simple:

-There is no phone number on file for UPS

-The incorrect frequency has been selected for the shipping country

-The shipping address is incomplete and needs verified, etc.

UK Orders:

I have been informed that we ran out of UK Power Plugs and are waiting for more to arrive (they are on their way!) So if you have a UK order, don’t panic, it will be shipping out very soon! Again, please email me directly with any questions or concerns.

I do have some older emails to catch up on but it’s my promise to you all that I will not log off today without being 100% caught up on my inbox! If you have an outstanding email to me please continue to hang tight (you all deserve medals for your patience) and I will reply as SOON as I can within the next 24 hours.

PS: It’s very helpful for me if you make your subject line your Discord username or even “Discord User” if you choose to remain anonymous. 😉

Thank you so much guys!

**PS: If 7 days go by and you haven’t heard back from me, please feel free to send a follow up email on the same thread to bubble it back up to the top of my box :slight_smile: Talk to ya’ll soon via email! Thanks again, appreciate each and every one of you! :heart:

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