LongAp Last day sale ..Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Longap Sorry sorry sorry

Discord Official Channel – LongAp   message after TODAY DISASTER SALE DAY

We need to make a big apology. To prevent the same problems as we had during the first sale we switched to Shopify. We configured Shopify to stop accepting orders once we ran out of stock. Something went wrong and we over-sold 10 times. We are now analysing what happened. Sorry for the situation and this unfortunately means we have to disappoint customers.

The payment-processor was triggered due to the large order volume and decided to cancel (credit-card) orders they believe are high risk. We have no influence on this. We are now discussing with partners how to solve the situation and explain our plan of action in a later announcement. But it will mean that we have to cancel orders. If this means we will cancel all orders and do a new sale or cancel only orders (order is on first come, first service basis) that we cannot deliver has to be decided.

We will 100% refund cancelled orders as soon as possible and contact anyone for which the refund cannot be executed automatically (like cryptocurrencies).

Again sorry, we believe that we did everything right, but failed nevertheless.

We will be contacting Helium and DeWi to discuss next steps and as a result won’t be opening pre-orders today.


And some users comments

juice — Today at 11:19
we paid with your method (credit card), it is unfair to cancel the order since we did what you asked us to do. Give us the chance to pay with another preffered by you method. The rule of FIFO must apply.


SmartCities — Today at 11:23
All orders should be cancelled not just the ones with cc
Cancel and start again and give people a fair chance with your preferred method of payment
I’m sorry but for the few that for an order there’s 10,000 that got tricked because they used a different payment method and to make it fair the process should be restarted
Or you fulfill for everyone but don’t know how you can do that as you already started cancelling

saulgoodman — Today at 11:24
#12XX confirmed 9:03am paid with Mastercard over touch-id …canceled by fraud-panic. Ridiculous. They need a blood sample next time? Go for a walk with them, grab some wiet and calm down. A bank get scared by money. What a time to be alive. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Pokerboylancashire — Today at 11:26
I’m sure they want this saga to be over as much as we do. They are not making the one anymore and they have orders so hopefully they just fulfil the orders however they see fit and we can all move on. It’s a lottery, some will be lucky some won’t. But remember they are doing their best and they are people at the end of the day.

oro — Today at 11:29
@timcooijmans.longap What a BS excuse is that CC payments are fraud? I needed to confirm my payment in 2 places. Many ppl did. If you would be fair (hopefuly u are) you would give us an opportunity to pay with whatever method youd like to prove that there is no fraud as you say lol. And yes FIFO would be great here. I dont care with what I pay but card is fastest. And you even fckd with crypto payments by giving ppl BTC address to send USDT ? Really? Well played there.

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