LongAp One Sale day – another disaster…

LongAp Sale day - another adventure

Back to LongAp One another disaster….repeating the last caos… ???

After last worst ever sale day , now LongAp decide to implement the biggest Ecommerce platform Shopify (finally  after a very bad last experience)


09.00 Amsterdam time


somebody got lucky

somebody got luck Screenshot_20210624_110206


some problems with payments


Web site not crashing but  after 15 minutes ……seem again problems….

again long ap miserable orders

timcooijmans.longap — Today at 09:17
We are very sorry, due to an unknown error in Shopify we sold more than was in stock and could be sold. We are solving the situation ASAP. A lot of orders will be reversed. Don’t worry you will get your money back instantly.(edited)

timcooijmans.longap — Today at 09:08
We are very sorry. Shopify failed, We are refunding orders directly that cannot be fulfilled

And other comments in Discord Official channel

Today at 09:20
Well, payment part failed because I managed to select the payment option and when I was entering the bank details, site crashed. I thought that once you start the payment process the item is locked. What happens in this case? I can finish payment process or not?

longap orders failure


longap miner story

Hello! I ordered a LongAP One, but when I wanted to check out and withdraw the USDT I got a problem. The address which I got was a BTC address. What should I do?
order longap
Don_Lupo🌹 — Today at 10:07
done with longap this company is too messy and amateur so lost my trust in them. longlive bobcat!
Philos — Today at 10:08
cant believe it. had them in basket at 1 min past and the stupid fraud detection from my bank wouldnt let me pay. 20 mins on the phone to the bank later fgs
After all…. my comment.. LongAP………
somebody…. received the refund confirmation
order 900
Jamesgill1 — Today at 10:16
2115 cancelled
discord longap channel
Official update
Update, credit-card payments are being reversed by both us and the payment-processor due to fraud concerns.

Question for LongAp: What’s the criteria to CANCEL the order?


Seem more family /friends choice … and  this excuse with credit card is buls***   my bank approved my transaction so where is the FRAUD…..  ???

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