LongAp Sales generic questions

LongAp Sales generic questions

Q-How much stock is there
A-Unsure we won’t be told

Q-How much is shipping
A-Around £30

Q-Can you Create an account

Q-Do you pay vat
A-All countries in the Eu will pay vat those outside wont but will have more charges on import/customs.

Q-When Will they ship
A-They aim to ship from 1 day to 5 weeks

Q-How many can you buy

Q-Are you shipping to the usa etc.
A-no , only preorders on the pro and light

Q-Uk tax / imports
A-Uk customers will pay tax on imports and not on purchase this will be decided on the value of the products etc and can be seen on the website

Q-what time is it happening
A-Anywhere between 9-10 amsterdam local time

Q-Can you order more than 3

Q-Is there bot protection
A-Its shopify they try there best

Q-Should i cry if i dont get it
A-No dont cry and move on with your day like any other

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