Nebra Updates and Hotspot Transmit Scaling

Parleylabs Updates - Welcome to The Inner Circle

Indoor Units
Batch 1: Orders 1485-1504 are fulfilled and the remaining orders will ship as soon as they arrive. From our last update, we were expecting to have Batch 1 fulfilled last week and since then have only received partial. We are working diligently with Nebra to identify how to fulfill the remaining orders as quickly as possible. Know that we are staying on top of this and our main focus is to fulfill the orders in a timely manner.

Batch 2: Per Nebra, The first of Batch 2 units have been manufactured and we are currently waiting to hear the updates on shipment schedule.

Batch 3: As Batch 1 & 2 slowly gets fulfilled, we are also working simultaneously with Nebra to ensure the production of Batch 3 is ongoing. Partial shipments are scheduled to start in July.

Batch 4 & 5: No new updates at the moment but we will provide information as they become available.

We appreciate your continued support and patience as we anxiously await any updates from Nebra regarding mining shipments.

Outdoor Units – Batch 1 & 2: Still waiting on the FCC certification process to complete

Outdoor units are being manufactured and should ship to us at the end of June. The great news is, testing is complete and we are awaiting the final FCC certificate to schedule shipment.

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