Bobcat Miner OTA Update – 02 July 2021

bobcatminer update ota 0 2July 2021

July 2, 2021 – Bobcat released its latest OTA update at 2 am PDT on 7/2 to continue its miner optimization.

The following optimization occurred in this update:

Miner firmware updated to

Pushed Helium firmware to 2021.06.30.0.

Changed hotspot name from ‘g280’ to ‘bobcatminer` where users search for the device in their wifi settings.

You can check your Helium firmware version by running a diagnostic report through the Helium app. The miner firmware update, however, is not visible on your app, but it is being pushed to all Bobcat miners.

Firmware update is scheduled to push in batches, which means that not all miners will update at once.

Hotspots connected to Ethernet/Wifi will receive these updates automatically. No manual intervention is needed.

Be Extra Careful:

Do not subject your indoor bobcat miner to extreme temperatures. Follow the datasheet for working and operating temperature guidelines.

If you place the unit in a sealed outdoor enclosure, make sure you have proper ways to disseminate heat. You risk damaging your miner if there is no way to transfer heat outside of the enclosure.

The bobcat miner has undergone rigorous lab tests and performed well after 13 days in a thermal chamber at 60C degrees celsius. HOWEVER, your actual deployment condition varies, and temperatures can easily rise to levels that are much higher than that.

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