How Bobcat is Protecting Customers While Expanding the Network


Phishing Sites: The Evil Twins on the Web

Every day, fraudsters are busy registering lookalike domains and creating doppelganger pages that are aimed at tricking consumers into disclosing personal and financial information to commit identity theft, charge credit cards, and access bank accounts. As the Helium network gained popularity, consumers of HNT miners soon became susceptible to these types of websites that utilized promises of accelerated delivery and discounted prices to bait consumers into making purchases.


Over A Dozen Sites Have Been Taken Down in the Last 45 Days


While many manufacturers utilized social media platforms, webpages, and email lists to warn consumers of the presence of these fake websites, Bobcat decided to add an extra layer of protection for their customers by hiring a digital protection service that specializes in the take of malicious sites. To date, Bobcat has ensured the successful removal of over a dozen domains and all accompanying web pages.


While Bobcat will continue to have 24/7 proactive and domain registration monitoring, we strongly encourage our customers to pay attention to the web address they are using to make a purchase. Bobcat’s official website is and the official store is It is often the case that web addresses of phishing sites may look correct, but they may contain misspellings or include additional characters.

Beware of Other Scams

Scams are not limited to phishing sites and we have received numerous emails from both buyers and sellers who detailed fraudulent experiences with unauthorized reseller websites such as Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon. To date, there are no authorized Bobcat Miner resellers and any websites claiming to be that or requesting payment in crypto are most likely a scam. We therefore strongly advise against buying Bobcat Miners from anywhere other than our own website.


Please do not share your order number, tracking number or any personal information publicly or with strangers posing to buy your hotspots. People have been using this information to try and contact customer support to request a change to the shipping address. While we have instituted a number of safeguards to prevent this type of practice, it would be best not to reveal this information to anyone.

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