Console 2.0 Beta: Test and Earn Swag!

Console 2.0 Beta Test and Earn Swag

After months of development and testing, the team is excited to announce the beta release of Console 2.0!

Thanks to user feedback and community involvement, Console 2.0 delivers increased functionality while providing a more intuitive and streamlined user experience.

Get started testing Console 2.0 beta here today.

Provide feedback here and use the label (staging) to show you were testing the beta release.

Important: When adding a device for the first time on staging, it may take 10–20 minutes to see it active. This is because the device information is being added to the blockchain and needs to be propagated to miners.

The biggest new feature of Console 2.0 is Flows.

Flows is a visual-centric view of the key elements in Console and allows users to instantly understand the relationship among devices, functions, and integrations.

This graphical workspace enables users to visually manipulate node elements and the flow of data by selecting and connecting nodes to make configuration changes.

Although Flows is a new feature, it’s designed to be much more intuitive based on core user goals of adding devices, defining functions, and setting up integrations to transfer data to their endpoints.



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