New Partners new Shipments!

sensecap m1 coming soon

Hello everyone! We hope you are having a great week so far. We wanted to share with you a few updates to keep you posted on our progress so far, and events we have to look forward to this coming week.

New Partnership:

From day 1, our goal has always been to make it easier for our community to get what they need. As we grow, we continue to look for strong partners and we are very excited to announce our new partnership with SeeedStudio to distribute their SenseCAP M1 Helium Network Hotspot! We will be splitting this order between two groups (existing customers and new). New customers will have the opportunity to purchase the SenseCAP M1 through a raffle system and we will provide existing customers a way to express interest in getting your hands on one as well. Please do not email us asking to switch, as you’ll get the same answer. We will post updates next week.

Incoming Products:
Our RAK Antennas and Outdoor Enclosures have arrived! We will be adding inventory to the website in the coming days. You can sign up for notifications to receive an alert once inventory is active. These will be compatible with the Helium OGs, RAK V2s, Nebras, SenseCAP and Syncrobit miners. RAK enclosures that are compatible with Bobcat 300 miners will be arriving soon.

Nebra Updates:
We would like to keep you up to date on the latest information we have received from Nebra regarding the remainder of Batch 1 indoor units, Batches 2-5 indoor units and batches 1-3 outdoor units.

Indoor Units

Batch 1: There are 1,320 units that are scheduled to ship to us, this will cover the remainder of Batch 1 units (order 1505-1674) and half of Batch 2 orders. We have secured a flight date with our freight forwarder for the cargo plane, and have an expected delivery date of 7/20 for this shipment. We are working closely with our Forwarder to push this up, but competition against Apple and other large corporations makes it hard for us to book space sooner.

Batch 2: Of the 1,320 units half of Batch 2 will be fulfilled (order 1675-2345).

Batch 3: We are told 17,000 units (mixture of both indoor and outdoor hotspots) will be completed by the end of July and ready to ship soon after. This will fulfill both indoor and outdoor batch 3 orders.

Batch 4: There will be some units from batch 4 that will be completed at the end of July, the remainder will be in August. We will wait for any and all updates from Nebra to provide an accurate estimated delivery time frame.

Batch 5: Estimated delivery times of batch 5 are still at the end of Q3.

Outdoor Units:

Batch 1: We have 330 units schedule to be shipped to us in anticipation of FCC. This will cover part of Batch 1 indoor units. We will provide specific order numbers these units will cover once we have them in transit.

Batches 2 & 3: We are told that 17,000 units are currently in production (mixture of indoor and outdoor units) and that these will be completed at the end of July and be ready to ship shortly after. These units will fulfill the remainder of batch 1, and all of 2 and 3.


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