Nebra Outdoor Shipping & SenseCAP M1 Launch

Nebra Outdoor Shipping SenseCAP M1 Launch

Seeed SenseCAP

With such a limited number of units we decided to try something new, releasing the SenseCAP M1 Miners in micro batches each day starting yesterday. To prevent bots, we are announcing a different time each day through each of our social channels. Tomorrow’s announcement will be on either FacebookTwitter or Instagram, so make sure to follow along and keep an eye out. We will give you a few hours heads up so you can prepare. When the launch happens we will post the link for you to click to buy. It will be a custom made link that will not be live on our website before the launch (this is a bot prevention tactic because bots have to be set up for a specific URL)

Please Note: We are testing out different sales methods for our SenseCAP M1 batches. For Batch 1 we held a raffle on our website. We feel this was a success, but the community voiced they would like to purchase directly from the website, so we listened and are testing this method for Batch 2.

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